How to Pick a Wedding Gown for Your Body Shape

Wedding Gowns Are Not One Shape Fits All...

Wedding dress shopping is usually an exciting and emotional once-in-a-lifetime experience for a bride. While you may be prepared with questions you already have for your consultant or wedding dress inspiration from Instagram or Pinterest, you may wonder, "What type of dress will look best on my body shape?"

Of the hundreds of decisions, both big and small, that go into having the perfect wedding day, one of the most stressful can be choosing the dress. After all, you can only wear a dress.

Wedding dresses come in different shades, shapes, and sizes. Even if you think you know precisely the type of dress you're after, it can be quite overwhelming finding the perfect one.

And you can guess you'll be tempted to change your mind several times throughout the process before you finally go with one.

So, where do you start?

The first thing a bride-to-be should consider when picking a wedding dress should be her body shape.

Every woman's body is different, but there are some popular basic body shapes.

What you need to do is choose a dress that best complements you. Think about your best assets, be it your waist, shoulders, back, legs, or bust, and choose a dress style that highlights those features.

Hourglass shape

If your hips and bust are equal, or almost equal in size, and you have a defined waist, you're most likely an hourglass shape! Flaunt your curves in a body-hugging mermaid or fit to flare silhouette—they are good to compliment your hips and burst proportions.

Accessories: Focus on what you want to show off the most. You can try a corset which brings in the waist and flaunts your shape. If you want to draw attention upwards towards your eyes and face, earrings and perhaps some hair combs will work. You can also consider wearing a colored sash around the waist. It would further show off your hourglass figure.

Rectangle Shape

If you have equal measurements from your bust to your waist and your hips, you're likely a rectangle or a straight shape. Since you are not particularly curvy, so you'll need a silhouette that shows off the curves you have. Our pick for you would be a body-hugging dress but not too tight. This will give off an illusion of more curves. Adding a belt or choosing a style to define your waist would also help create the illusion of curves.

Accessories: The accessories will depend on the style of dress you choose to wear. You can always play up your hair by using beautiful hair combs and clips. You can also consider a flashy hairstyle filled with braids or curls.

Inverted Triangle shape

Women with the inverted triangle (also popularly known as Apple) shape have a bust and shoulders more massive than their narrow hips and legs. Because you're more heavy on top, you should go with a style that balances out the bottom half, like a ball gown or A-line dress! A voluminous skirt can also help create more even proportions.

Accessories: Drop earrings that elongate the neck are perfect for bustier apple-shaped brides. You can go for bracelets as well. They can replace necklaces, which draw more attention to the neck and chest areas. Drop earrings and bracelets draw the eyes down, away from the bust.

Athletic shape

Women with an athletic shape usually have equal shoulder and hip measurements with a slightly tinier waist and well-defined shoulders. Since you have great shoulders to show off— you can do so in a halter dress, racerback or strapless gown style. You can also give your waist more definition with a belt.

Accessories: Brides with this body shape are usually lucky because they can go with pretty much any dress style they wish to, so the key with athletic brides is to go with something they are comfortable with. Don't feel that you have to go with the standard A-line dress or pencil-type dress. You could go for something bigger and fuller like flowing skirts or something with lots of decorations such as buttons, bows, and ribbons.

Triangle shape

If your shoulders and bust are way narrower than your hips, you're most likely a pear or triangle shape. With that, you should choose an a-line or ball gown style that would emphasize your small waist and bust, but won't cling to your hips, creating the illusion of an hourglass. If you have a particularly small bust, you could try a style with visual detailing on the top to create more illusion of that hourglass shape, such as dramatic sleeves, an interesting neckline, beading or lace.

Accessories: Accessorizing a pear-shaped body involves focusing on the top half of your body, so necklaces and earrings fit them better.

Short/Petite shape

Short/Petite brides should choose a gown that is narrow at the base. Something with a fishtail that is pulled in at the bottom would do. It would create an illusion of height for the bride.

It's essential to avoid any gown with a full load on the bottom as it will shorten you further. So go for something with a pencil cut that will give you the effect of lengthening your short frame.

Accessories: Short and petite brides should concentrate on accessories that would draw attention to their faces and necks. Necklaces and earrings would be good choices for this as they will draw attention to their eyes and face.


You'll already know from your day-to-day wears what suits your tastes and body, and what you'll be comfortable wearing on your wedding day,

Also, do not be afraid to talk to the people in the bridal stores. They're experts in dressing women of all shapes and sizes.

It's also important to come out of your box and, perhaps even, try on a wedding dress in a shape that you wouldn't have thought suited you. You may just like it.

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